Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why I chose IntelliJ IDEA for Android Development.

When you want to begin your adventure with programming for Android OS, the first decision you must make is to choose IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which will suits your needs. I started Android Development three years ago with Eclipse. The reason was that it was the most popular Java IDE and almost every book and tutarial were based on Eclipse. After a couple of months I heard about IntelliJ IDEA and I tried it. Since that time I have not used eclipse anymore.

Here is my comparision of both environments:

Advantages of using Eclipse:
  • popularity and great support
  • many plugins
  • free UML plugin
  • better compiler (however you can use it from Intellij as well)
  • slow (as you install more plugins)
  • sometimes becomes unpredictable

Advantages of using IntelliJ IDEA:
  • light-weighted and fast
  • more intuitive interface
  • intelligent code editor
  • Android UI Designer (since ver. 12)
  • free Community Edition is enough for Android Development
  • less popular

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi, this blog will cover my experience with android development. I will try to post here some interesting tutorials and tips which I found useful.
Hope you enjoy it!